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It's fair to say I'm a multi-hyphenate. I am a fragrance evaluator, writer, trainer, creator and consumer - I wear a lot of different hats. All of this is driven by the simple fact that I love fragrances. After I completed my undergraduate degree in Visual Arts, creative perfumery felt like a natural extension. Fast forward through years of self-led learning and three levels of summer school at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery; I currently enjoy creating fragrances from my small studio in Sydney, Australia.


P-Article began in 2021 following a 10-year stint writing What Men Should Smell Like, a fragrance blog I have since retired. During that time, I also wrote for media outlets, including 10 Men Magazine Australia, Yen Magazine, Retail Beauty, Çafleurebon, and The Perfume Magazine.


My writing has been recognised by the Fragrance Foundation US and the Perfumed Plume. In 2021, I received the Perfumed Plume Award for Perfumed Stories in Mainstream Media for this article on Çafleurebon.


I also work with Michael Edwards and Fragrances of the World in communication and evaluation. In this role I am in contact with brands, oil houses, perfumers and distributors to ensure the company’s database is up to date, particularly with information on niche fragrance launches. P-article is my personal blog and opinions expressed on this site do not reflect those of Fragrances of the World or other media outlets I write for.


P-article is my way of sharing the things that interest me and observations working in the creative world of perfumery. I don't publish sponsored posts, and when a brand has provided a press sample for the purpose of review, I’ll mention this at the bottom of each post. 

Enjoy the site x


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